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  Chinese modern art works debuted in The Hague




On November 8, "Wonderful Jiangsu" --2017 • Chinese modern art works European touring exhibition funded by Jiangsu Art Fund and jointly sponsored by China Cultural Center in The Hague, China Cultural Center in Madrid and Artall Culture Group Corporation debuted in China Cultural Center in The Hague, the Netherlands.

At the opening ceremony, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy to the Netherlands Chen RiBiao, and Director of the Hague Tourism Bureau Hans Doets delivered their speeches.

Chen said that as the first stop of the tour, China Cultural Center in The Hague undertakes four major functions of organizing cultural activities, teaching and training, exchange of ideas and information services. It is also an important window for the cultural exchange between China and abroad, and also an important platform for deepening the mutual understanding and trust between the Chinese and Dutch peoples. He hopes to meet with Chinese and Dutch artists frequently at China Cultural Center in The Hague to enjoy the beauty of Chinese culture and promote the cultural exchange between China and the Netherlands.

The exhibition, with carefully-selected 58 pieces of modern traditional Chinese realistic painting and 20 pieces of oil paintings and 10 invited works for the European public is the largest and at the highest level ever since China Cultural Center in The Hague opened its doors in November 2016. The three-dimensional exhibition shows the interactive innovation and evolution of Chinese realistic painting and oil painting by Jiangsu artists. It reflects the joint efforts made by Jiangsu artists on how to deal with the relations between the local and the contemporary, the nationalities and the internationality. Their works not only show promotion of the tradition but also inheritance and innovation of it. At the same time, it absorbs and integrates foreign cultures and tries hard to create contemporary art products with Chinese culture connotation and characteristics.

The exhibition helps to enhance cultural and artistic exchanges between Jiangsu and overseas, promote the internationalization of modern art works in Jiangsu, expand the international influence of Jiangsu artists, accelerate the pace of China’s cultural "going global" and further enhance the Europeans’ understanding of Chinese art. The exhibition will also be held in Madrid and British two weeks later.